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Servings Guide

Benecol® servings explained

Our servings guide is intended to help you get the recommended 1.5 - 2.4g daily intake of plant stanols each day. Benecol foods contain a unique ingredient called Plant Stanol Esther, which is clinically proven to lower LDL cholesterol by 7-10% within 2-3 weeks, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. High cholesterol is a risk facture in the development of heart disease*

You can achieve the optimal daily intake of plant stanols each day by choosing one mini drink which is enough for your entire day. Alternatively, you can choose 2-3 servings of any of the spreads, soft cheese or spoonable yogurts.

enjoy 1 bottle of Benecol Yogurt Drink or 2-3 servings of any of the Benecol spreads, soft cheese and yogurts daily.


Benecol® foods are for people who want to lower their cholesterol levels. For best results enjoy Benecol® foods with a main meal and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle including 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. 1.5 - 2.4g of plant stanol per day is proven to lower cholesterol, eating more than 3g of plant stanol per day provides no additional cholesterol lowering benefit and is therefore not recommended.
Check with your doctor if you are already taking cholesterol lowering medication. Benecol® foods may not be nutritionally appropriate for pregnant or breast feeding women, and children under 5 years old.
* As heart disease has multiple risk factors, you may need to improve more than one to reduce your overall risk