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Make Benecol part of your healthy diet and lifestyle

Benecol® Yogurt Drinks

Sometimes making one small change can make a big difference. Like adding just one little Benecol Yogurt Drink daily to your diet can reduce your cholesterol by 7 - 10%*. 

Benecol® Spreads

Our spreads are ideal substitutes for traditional butter and margarines. They don't compromise on taste and are proven to lower cholesterol.

Our Buttery Taste, Olive and light spreads are great for cooking and baking - why not give a cholesterol-lowering twist to your favourite recipes!




Benecol® Yogurts

Giving your cholesterol that extra push in the right direction has never been easier (or tastier!) with new Benecol® Strawberry Yogurts. Thick & fruity and containing real strawberries, they are the newsest addition to Benecol's range of cholesterol-lowering yogurts - the first and only cholesterol-lowering yogurts range in the UK!

Just one pot of delicious Benecol® Yogurt equals one serving of plant stanols. We recommend 2-3 servings a day of Benecol® Yogurts or Spreads as a simple way to lower your cholesterol.


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