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Top tips for a Healthier Cholesterol Level

Just as adding Benecol® foods to your day is really easy and effective, so is enjoying a healthier lifestyle. All it takes is some simple changes. This is where you'll find great nutrition and fitness advice to inspire you.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is essential for the body in small amounts. It plays a vital role in how every cell works and is also the material which the body uses to make other vital chemicals including hormones.

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What are statins?

Statins is a name given to a group of cholesterol lowering medicines, which are available on prescription or in lower doses over the counter at pharmacies at the UK.

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Menopause can raise your cholesterol

During menopause, ovaries stop producing estrogen and levels start to fall in the body causing a number of important changes. Raised cholesterol being one of them.

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