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Meet the yogurt that will win your heart


Add creaminess and make your food do more for you

Our new Benecol® Greek style yogurt has a thick, creamy texture and a taste that will make your taste buds dance. Blend, stir, and pour it into your favourite foods to give them a lovely creaminess and help them do more for your wellbeing.

Benecol yogurts contain unique plant stanols that help lower your cholesterol up to 7–10% when taken daily.


Plain easy

Benecol® Greek style yogurt comes in bigger pots containing four servings. Enjoy two servings a day to lower cholesterol.

It´s easy to do - our Greek style yogurt is a versatile ingredient in cooking, a great snack or add your favourite toppings for a healthy breakfast. Get inspired with our breakfast bowl suggestion or our recipe for delicious fish with dill-yogurt sauce.

When experimenting in the kitchen with Benecol Greek style yogurt, try topping baked potatoes with Benecol Greek Style yogurt and tuna, spoon a generous dollop in your vegetable soup or whip up a super-fast sauce by adding some lemon juice and chopped fresh herbs. You can also make a breakfast bowl combining oats and Benecol Greek style yogurt or combine with fresh fruit and chopped nuts as a dessert.

Pick your favourite flavour

Benecol® Greek style yogurt is available in two flavours: smooth Plain and summery Mango-Passionfruit.