Staying healthy at Christmas

Christmas and feasting go hand in hand – it's tradition! However, with a little bit of sensible thought about your Christmas eating habits, you'll be able to hit the New Year with your healthy lifestyle intact.

Keep eating regular meals You might think it'd be better to cut out the odd breakfast to compensate for going crazy at a big dinner - but in fact the healthiest thing to do is to stick with your regular habits. Even if you do eat a little too much on one day, make the next day a new start rather than carrying the punishment over.

Don't overload your plate Take a manageable amount of food on your plate rather than overloading it with goodies, and aim to eat about three quarters of it. Also, try drinking a couple of glasses of water before you begin eating.

Keep a food diary You might find it helpful to keep a diary of what you eat, so you can make sure you're sticking to around your usual calorie intake during this period.

Maintain a routine It's crucial to keep up other aspects of your healthy lifestyle over Christmas. Maintaining your exercise routine is important - for one thing, it'll help to boost your metabolism and make you feel less like overindulging.

Include Benecol Don't forget to include Benecol® foods! It's easy to let this slip during the festive season but you only get the cholesterol lowering effects of Benecol® if you consume the recommended amount daily. As soon as you stop, your cholesterol returns to the same level as before.